Compliance at Finance IQ

Finance IQ is trusted by leading financial institutions to provide the most targeted consumer leads at their doorstep. Therefor we feel a great responsibility in terms of staying compliance og always be frontrunners in terms of being up to date on rules and regulations in the financial industry. 

We keep track of countries, channels and intensity agreed upon in each specific partnership. We’re even able to run separate, country-specific parameters with a single partner. That means we’re able to know exactly at which parameters our work is beneficial, making our data measuring a lot more precise and effective. Our data measurements also enable us to be more proactive should new laws or regulations be introduced in a specific country.

All teams, whether it be our content creators, developers, designers, sales agents or our SEO guys, have all taken part in special internal compliance training to ensure we keep on top of regulatory updates and any changes to financial / loan industry

We never publish content targeted at anyone younger than 18 in Europe, 21 in the US or any content that promotes gambling in a way that might appeal to minors. We feature clear age restriction messaging on all of our gambling related websites – including when we’re offering a bonus.

We also avoid using material that might appeal to children, such as cartoons, characters that appeals to minors, or images of anyone that seems to be younger than 18 years of age.

Finance IQ manages a database consisting of customers who have signed up using our own platforms or people who have opted-in to receive communication in other ways. E-mail and other forms of direct marketing is a valuable tool for us to reach our potential leads. Therefore, we often consider and evaluate our uses of these channels.

We’re always aware of following rules and regulations to protect personal data in line with GDPR, national rules and make sure never to share personal information with third party providers. 

Finance IQ follows social media guidelines on an operator-by-operator basis to ensure we are always compliant. Social media channels include clear age restriction and responsible gambling messages. Social media posts will direct users to our own websites and when promoting a campaign or bonus, we avoid directly linking to an operator. We aim to make all social media campaigns clear, compliant and never misleading.


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