Finance IQ was founded in September of 2017

For three years we’ve been a leading provider of customers to the financial sector primarily in the Nordic countries.

Perfecting the
retention engine

Our business is rarely an exact science, but in Finance IQ this does not result in the absence of statistical evidence. We imply a methodical and data driven approach to our business and are always looking to optimize our approach on all parameters, even in our fields of expertise.

As a leading operator in the industry of delivering targeted leads towards consumer loans, bank loans and credit cards, we have primarily been active in the Nordic region but are currently heavily expanding. In 2020 we added Germany and Spain to our portfolio of active markets.


Data driven approach

We imply a methodical and data driven approach to our business on all parameters


Adapting the industry

The affiliate industry is ever changing and therefore we have strived to make Finance IQ as agile as possible


Growing through our partners

We develop and implement new partners, markets and specific projects faster than ever


Building trust through compliance

We focus a lot on staying ahead of GDPR & being both transparent & compliant on every aspect of our business

FIQ’s years of success secured funding from renowned venture capital fund, DICO back in 2019. DICO saw the potential in our highly scalable business model and fine-tuned business structure and decided to pursue what has been a tremendous partnership since then.